What’s the safety Precautions for COVID 19 ?

All the crew members are vaccinated and the boat and the the whole equipment are sanitized daily

Which hotel should I pick ?

According to the location of the boat on google maps , all hotels around are really good but even if you choose far away one we will organize transfer for you

How to book or contact Us ?

Reach us through email or WhatsApp or by message and just confirm 

How do you pick me Up ?

Waiting outside the hotel on the Main Street and the car will come to pick you up and you will be informed with all the information of the car

How many people do you have on the boat ?
Our Boat can Take till 40 People but we don’t exceed 30 so you have space on the boat and can move freely amd relax as well

Can I pay by Card ?

Unfortunately no, We accept only cash in the morning or on your first day of your diving package 

In Case of Cancellation?

In case of cancellation you either pay half of the amount of the money or use the rest of the days relaxing on the boat 

Can I take day off while completing my course ?

Ofcourse you can but it’s preferred to do your days in a row so you keep everything in your brain

Do we have to go to the diving center for our diving equipment?

No, We have 2 rooms full of All kind of diving equipment and all the sizes you will need

Does the lunch includes in all the packages?

Well yes Lunch is included in all the packages 

Can a non swimmer learn scuba diving in hurghada?

Yes he can during the Introductory Dive

Does pregnancy prevent me from diving ?

Yes because pressure can affects the baby

Does the weather affects during our scuba diving in hurghada?

No we usually find well good protected areas to be protected from the waves Unless the coast guard closes the sea

Girls Question ( If I am on my period , can I still go for diving )?

Yes you can , as you jump to the water , water pressure stops your period 

Can I bring my gf/Bf  during my dives on the boat ?

Yes for sure, she or he can join us for snorkeling on the same boat 

Can I join my Friend during his course ?

Yes you can after passing his confined water exercises