Diving in Hurghada 

drone red sea

El-Fanous West
an amazing place for check dives and for Beginners and as you can see with an amazing lagoon if you gonna begin your course

hurghada diving center turtle

Turtle Bay
lovely place with 2 bays and it was very famous with turtles in the past

scuba diving hurghada

Umm Gammar
wonderful site with an amazing Cave

cave dive

Small Giftun
An Amazing place with a huge tunnel on 40 meters and its famous with many moray eels and many Napleons

red sea corals

one of the best places in the red sea but the problem you need very very good weather to visit it


Aquarium ( Goat Abu Ramada)
they call it the aquarium because its like aquarium with a lot of corals and differnt kinds of fish

cleaning fish

El-Fanous East
another wonderful place with a cleanning fish as you can see in the picture

coral garden

Sabina Garden
its famous with the best colours you gonna see in the whole red sea

wreck dive

Shabrur Umm Gammar
this place is just amazing with a small lovely wreck too

shark dive

Carless Reef
this place is really amazing but unfortunately we need the weather to be very good to go there, this place is famous with White Tip Shark 

napleon fish

Abu Ramada South
Napleons is really an amazing Creature at which you can see it here in this place

Scuba diving

Hamda ( Stone Beach )
this is a magnificent place to visit as you can see the best view ever with amazing corals also underwater

Underwater Military Museum 

Tank from 1973 war against Israel

Inside one of the military tanks underwater 

What’s new , Military Museum underwater, to discover the history and see the Egyptian military tanks and cars join us to take you there