Sidemount Diver Course

Are you interested in Cave diving or in Wrecks we have plenty of them but it’s totally different when you are sidemount diver at which your tank or tanks sets on your sides below your shoulders and along your hips so you aren’t a back mounted anymore and simply you can untied the tanks and let them freely move to get easy penetration to any tiny hole weather it’s a cave or wreck ,during your diving in hurghada you will get more and more experience to adjust your set till get perfect way fits you.
Sidemount diving started growing everywhere and it takes you also to technical diving
It’s still a specialty course can be done within 1 day duration 

Price 200€

including certificate 
Price is for Padi Or SDI is the same 

only by Padi you will add 30€ extra for the book

sidemount equipment hurghada diving
sidemount diver hurghada diving



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